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Total control

Get to know the all-in-one greenhouse/warehouse control system centered on plants needs! Growers are now able to monitor and control all their farms at once, anywhere and anytime, through the most intuitive dashboard ever. Crop production is optimized due to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, resulting in more efficient management of resources.

CoolFarm in/control

CoolFarm in/control is composed by the CoolFarm Brain industrial computer, top notch sensors (such as Air temperature, Humidity and CO2; CoolFarm Eye; pH; EC; DO; ORP; Ammonia; Nitrate; Nitrite; Water Flow; Level Sensor and Pressure Sensor) and by the proprietary dashboard CoolFarm in/cloud.

Combining intelligence with the most advanced cloud based technology, growers can plug and play all sensors and actuators needed to control their growing system. CoolFarm introduces the concept of plant recipe: the system actuation and control are now based on plant biological needed values.

CoolFarm in/cloud is a unique and easy to use dashboard thought for growers where all data is fully accessible 24/7, providing to growers the most professional management of all its greenhouses/warehouses.

Having the best interface means easy data analysis

Finally all data in one place and in one beautiful dashboard. CoolFarm in/cloud offers meaningful reports deeply comparing and analyzing all farms' data.

Everything from colors, typography, controls, navigational and informative components have been thought carefully to create a unique interface experience and to boost users performance.

CoolFarm Dashboard
CoolFarm Recipes

Recipe it

Growers can easily set-up their own recipes. Light Cycle, Water Cycle, Water Conditions, Nutrients Tanks and Air Specifications are all editable considering minimum, maximum and ideal values.

In time, the system will learn how to grow crops better and it will advise growers on how to improve their recipes regarding their own goals.

CoolFarm is considered growers' best friend, not only by minimizing human and mechanical errors, but also by increasing farming efficiency!

Time to relax. CoolFarm is anywhere, anytime.

CoolFarm in/cloud can be assessed from any browser of any smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Growers can now get push notifications; manage all their farms and teams at once, from their own pockets, anywhere in the world and in real time. In order to get a flawless experience, growers can also get CoolFarm iOS and Android Apps.

  • App Store
  • Google Play
CoolFarm on Mobile Devices
IBM Softlayer

Information is secure and yours

All past crops and conditions can be reviewed, all data is stored and processed on highly secure IBM Cloud Servers to safely keep growers data.

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CoolFarm Sensors
  • Air temperature, Humidity and CO2; CoolFarm Eye; pH; EC; DO; ORP; Ammonia; Nitrate; Nitrite; Water Flow; Level Sensor and Pressure Sensor.
  • Need a sensor that is not on the list? We'll take care of it!


CoolFarm in/control
  • CoolFarm Brain (2 included);
  • Switch;
  • UPS;
  • 19 inch Cabinet Rack.


CoolFarm in/cloud
  • Cloud service;
  • Software service.
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