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Empowering Indoor Farming

With integrated, intuitive and intelligent solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, quality and profitability.

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CoolFarm Dashboard Preview

Sense, think, do

CoolFarm is based in three vertices - Sense, Think, Do. Everything that sensors can measure, CoolFarm can analyze and activate the right measures to achieve efficient plant growth and maximize profitability. CoolFarm is the all-in-one system centered on plants needs.

CoolFarm Eye

CoolFarm developed an innovative optical sensor called CoolFarm Eye to capture plants health, growth rate and all the behaviors regarding the actions that are being taken over them.

CoolFarm Eye
CoolFarm on Mobile Devices


The best solution to monitor and control farms anywhere and anytime without having to replace the grower's current control systems. in/cloud is the intelligent layer above all control systems, integrating all farms data and actions in the most intuitive dashboard ever. It includes the CoolFarm Eye, meaning that growers can get the health index and growth rate of their crops.


The all-in-one control system easily adapted to all indoor typologies and growing techniques. It's the most integrated, intuitive and intelligent control system available in the market. It includes all in/cloud features and all CoolFarm sensors.

CoolFarm Box
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Featured news

CoolFarm is the winner of Start Tel Aviv 2016

OCT. 17, 2016

Start Tel Aviv is a global competition held by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tel Aviv Global that brings together technology startups from 30 different countries around the world to compete for the opportunity to take part in an intense, five-day startup experience in Tel Aviv’s unrivaled startup ecosystem.

Startup CoolFarm increases customer data management with IBM SoftLayer

JUL. 14, 2016

CoolFarm, a Portuguese startup operating in the Smarter Food and in the greenhouse sustainable agriculture area, has signed a cloud partnership with IBM. The agreement entitles CoolFarm to use the IBM SoftLayer cloud in order to enhance its own architecture and IT environment.




  • CoolFarm S.A.
  • Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Rua Pedro Nunes, Bloco C, Sala 2.32
  • 3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal


Business Meetings

  • CoolFarm S.A.
  • BizSpark
  • Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, Lote 2.07.02
  • 1990-119 Lisboa, Portugal

Torres Novas


  • CoolFarm S.A.
  • Zona Industrial
  • Casal das Mós
  • 2350-483 Torres Novas, Portugal